About Us

Staged Right Events and FETCHBranding, it’s what we do!

Thank you for considering Staged Right Events and FETCHbranding. Our team of professionals collectively have over 85 years of experience in the hospitality, marketing and branding industry. Our teams actual “hands on” working experience in the hospitality industry with hotel chains such as Marriott Hotels and Resorts, Embassy Suites and Hilton Hotels and Resorts and Convention Bureau Experience with cities across the country make us uniquely qualified to answer your questions and assist you with your event needs. Since 1996, Staged Right Events has planned just about every kind of event you can imagine. Our boutique marketing and promotions company FETCHbranding Inc., offers clients creativity and an environment with no boundaries. The FETCH Team takes your wildest ideas and turn them into an effective marketing and promotional campaign. So, whether you are looking for us to help you with your event planning, wedding, social party, promotional premiums, employee recognition, service awards, trade-show premiums or anything in between, look no further ….. Two Companies, One Answer, YES…. it’s what we do!

Meet The Team

  • luis

    Luis Rimoli

    — CEO & Founder
  • lacey

    Lacey Rimoli-Wiesel

    — Director of Housing & Convention Services
  • Meredith Marder

    Director of National Sales & Events
  • bill

    Mojy Shahab

    Director of Events – Atlanta,GA Office
  • bill

    Bill Harris

    — Business Development and Membership Services
  • Enza Cooper Dinatale

    — Events Coordinator
  • Amy Miller

    — Fetch Account Manager, Housing Coordinator
  • Rebecca Werkheiser

    — Travel Manager
  • claudia

    Claudia Rimoli

    — Branding Specialist & Events Coordinator
  • Alex Rimoli

    — Housing & Convention Services